i totally paused.
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the one and only, mason ho
ph: morgan maassen
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back to the swamps. tadpoles are growing up.
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Daniel Bamdad by Youngjun Koo
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wanna see the world with you.
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*wakes up*

*loves one direction*

*goes to sleep*

*dreams about one direction*

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if you love food follow my blog!
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 Postcards From Google Earth
“The images are screenshots from Google Earth. They are glitches that occur when the 2d satellite imagery and 3d terrain don’t line up quite right, or structures such as bridges get projected down onto the terrain below, creating fabulous and unintentional distortions”- Clement Valla
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Ekkehard Altenburger, Mirror House, 1996, mirror on steel frame. Temporary installation on the Isle of Tyree, Scotland